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Welcome to Michigan’s Great Britton! We are a small farming community with friendly faces. We are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and meet a new friend. We are proud to say that many of the current residents in our village are direct descendents of its founders.

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Building permits are required for new constructions, remodeling and some repairs. Inspectors must be contacted before commencing work. If zoning approval is needed, you will get that from the Village prior to permit issuance.

Applications for permits are available in the Village of Britton Clerk's Office, or can be downloaded from this site. Call the Clerk for more information.

The Village of Britton has retained the Charter Township of Raisin to provide building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections.


Building Inspector  Kevin Arquette   517-423-3162  Ext. 1010 
Electrical Inspector Richard Holdridge  517-423-3162 Ext. 1011
Mechanical Inspector  David Pate  517-423-3162  Ext. 1010 
Plumbing Inspector David Pate  517-423-3162 Ext. 1010 


Downloadable Permit Applications

Building Permit Application - page 1

Building Permit Application - page 2

Electrical Permit Application - page 1

Electrical Permit Application - page 2

Mechanical Permit Application - page 1

Mechanical Permit Application - page 2

Plumbing Permit Application - page 1

Plumbing Permit Application - Page 2

Plumbing Permit Application - Page 3



Fence and/or Accessory Building Permits 

A permit is required for any fence and/or accessory building. An accessory building is defined as: residential - under 200 square feet and commercial - under 120 square feet.

These permits are handled through the Village and an application may be obtained at the Clerk's Office or downloaded from this site. There is a $15.00 fee.

Fence/Accessory Building Permit Application


Garage Sale Permits

A permit is required for all yard or garage sales and may be obtained at the Clerk's Office or downloaded from this site. The permit fee is $2.00. Each sale is limited to five (5) consecutive days and each address shall have no more than four (4) sales per year.

Garage Sale Permit Application 


Peddler's Permit

Any person desiring to conduct himself/herself as a solicitor or peddler must first obtain a Peddler's Permit from the Village Clerk in person. There is a $5 fee. Contact the Village Clerk to learn about the exemptions to this requirement.


Contact Information

Clerk - Yvonne Thomas
President - Richard Frazier
Village Office 517-451-2171

Britton Village Office

120 College Ave. PO Box 436

Britton, MI 49229

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