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Welcome to Michigan’s Great Britton! We are a small farming community with friendly faces. We are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and meet a new friend. We are proud to say that many of the current residents in our village are direct descendents of its founders.




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Britton Village Park

Woods to Park

Britton can be proud of its park which came into being soon after the free shows were started in 1922. Businessmen saw the need for such facilities and took action to start a park. They leased about seven acres of land between the school house and the railroad right-of-way. The land had belonged to Roy Britton, a veterinarian and rural mail carrier. Farmers brought their teams and aided the townsmen in moving stones and leveling the land. A well for a water supply was dug, and proved to be a flowing one. Tables were made and put in place. Ernest DuBois made a swing for children. The Boy Scouts built a rock garden, women set out trees, the Kiwanis Club built a wading pool, a shuffleboard court was made, a bridge was constructed over the creek, a foot-bridge was built, and additional improvements are being made.

At the time Alexander Gibson was village president, the land for the park was given to the village by the Brittons. The park, one any community could be proud of, is maintained by the village.

- taken from Bygone Days, the Britton-Macon Area Camp Fire Girls and Leaders, page 76.



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